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Would you like to date some really unique escorts? In that case, you should check out Luton escorts. I am an airline pilot, so I get the opportunity to date hot escorts from all over the world. Escorts are different everywhere, but there is certainly something really different about Luton escorts. All of the girls that I have met at Luton escorts have their own unique qualities, and this is why I just can’t wait to put my gear down on the asphalt of Luton airport. The thought of meeting up with some of my favorite hot escorts in the world is what keeps me going through many long flights.

Charlotte at Luton escorts

Luton escorts

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Charlotte is just one the many girls that makes Luton escorts so unique and special. She is one of the hottest babes that I have ever met, and goes off like a siren when I am around. There are escorts, and then there is Charlotte. I am not a man who is into fake boobs, so I really love this well endowed bombshell from Luton. It is hard to believe that she is a local girl, to me she just seems to be out of this world somehow. She is one of those hot babes who can take you in hand, and sort you out. I just love that.

We have known each other for about six months, and during that time I have had some amazing dating experiences with my hot and sticky Charlotte. She seems to be one of those girls who is always ready to go, but at the same time she is really fresh, Whenever I come in through her door, she is ready to play straight away. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Oh boy, do we play. This girl can set my world on fire, and is a lady who just keeps coming back for more. Sometimes I just can’t take any more, and have to say Thank you my darling, we need to land now, my fuel tanks are empty.

Tina from Luton escorts

Tina is another sensational babe from Luton escorts. She is a hot Polish brunette who used to be a lap dancer. This young bit of stuff with her long legs and stunning brown hair, can wrap me around her little finger any day, and she quite often does. Unfortunately, I was born with two left feet, so I can’t entertain her on the dance floor. Fortunately… for me, she likes to treat me to a dance or two, and that way we can have some really hot dates.

She always seems to be dressed to kill, and is just one of those unique girls from Luton escorts who makes life worth living. We have some serious adult fun behind closed doors, and I just love to chill out for an evening with Tina. Mind you, I wouldn’t really call it chilling out. Those are her words, but I fear that she may rather have misunderstood the meaning of them, if you know what I mean.

Lavender from Luton escorts

Lavender is the perfect petite from Luton escorts. Yes, I confess, I do have a thing for dating petites and try to see Lavender as often as I can. I appreciate all of her special and unique qualities, and together we like to explore our fantasies and dreams. She has made me realize that I have depths inside me that I did not know existed, and she loves to tease them out of me.

There are occasions when this smooth all over blonde can have me screaming with delight, and we try to make the most of the time that we get together, She likes to play naughty games, and so do I. My life would not be fulfilled without my naughty little Lavender who likes to be told off at times as well. If, you are a gent who is into petites, you should really check out this blonde little offering from Luton escorts. If, this young lady can’t get you going, no girl will be able to do so.

Victoria from Luton escorts

Luton escorts

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Do you like a bit of black? Well, I have to be honest and say that I do. Victoria is the sexiest black escort that I have ever met. Before I dated Victoria from Luton escorts, I used to date black escorts in New York. They were okay, but there wasn’t anything classy or sexy about them. I thought they were caught tarty. Rather than being sexy, they focused on being raunchy and that did not work for me at all.

Well, Victoria is a tall black beauty who is the perfect combination between classy and sexy. You can take her out for a posh meal, or enjoy her company against the wall. She is one of the hottest and kinkiest girls that I have ever met, and when ever I fly into Luton, she is the one girl that I must see. I don’t care if all of the other hot babes that I date are busy, I just must see Victoria, Getting my fill and fix of this unique girl is something that I can’t live without.

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What would happen if the airline changed my schedule? Well, if that happened, I think that I would go to pot. A life without the hot babes from Luton would not be much good to me. I know that I am addicted to these girls, but I just can’t help that. All of the girls that I date in this part of the world score high on my list of escorts.

Would I ever be able to replace them? No, I don’t think so and that probably means that I am addicted to the hot babes of Luton. Still, I know that I am not the only man with wings who is addicted to dating hot babes here in Luton. Many of my colleagues are as well ,and I am sure that the local gents, appreciate the hot babes of Luton escorts.

Luton is a place of dreams when it comes to escorts, and who would have thought that you would be able to find so many hot girls in one place. But then again, they do say that English escorts are the best in the world. I would have to say that I can only second that – the girls at Luton escorts are the hottest girls in the world in my book.